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Statement Concerning the Cancellation of the AfroFuturism Fest

It is with tremendous regret that I announce the cancellation of this year’s AfroFuturism Fest. It was slated to be held during Labor Day weekend and we had plans for this iteration to be the best display of Black imagination, creativity and tech savvy that Charlotte has to offer. But sadly, for a host of reasons, including some out of our control, the decision has been made to not move forward with the event.

I firmly believe in amplifying the idea of Afrofuturism and the experience of celebrating Black folks’ magnificence, while also exploring a wonderous future, where we can thrive due to our genius, resilience and technological prowess — hence the theme for the 2023 event — Ancient to the Future. In pursuit of this concept, I encourage you to visit and immerse yourself in the Afrofuturism Exhibition at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

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Henry Rock

Executive Director

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